• Mon-Sat 5-10pm
  • Sun 4-9pm

Taste of Tradition

Seasonal flavors enhancing traditional dishes to create truly unique experiences.

Searing Perfection

Expertly dry aged USDA Prime all-natural beef; meticulously composed plates resembling works of art; flavors that are anything BUT boring and mundane. Christopher’s Prime represents the New American Steakhouse.

New and Delish

Check-out our new “Dry-Aged” series of select steak cuts as well as our new North American Wagyu specials.

Just the right Paring

What if Simon never had Garfunkel? What if our 2013 Seghesio Zinfandel never had our dry aged “cowboy-cut” ribeye? Calm yourselves, these are just hypothetical questions; of course we have both!


Wouldn’t it be great if we poured all of our passion for honest ingredients and killer food into breakfasts, lunches and dinners that we could deliver to you and up to 1,000 of your closest friends? Done.