Prime Sourcing

Christopher’s is the premier prime steakhouse in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. We’re a locally sourced restaurant with a mission to serve high quality, sustainable, expertly-crafted dishes.

Our ingredients, obtained from local Utah vendors and artisans, are always fresh and seasonal resulting in a continuously evolving menu. You’ll be sure to enjoy new experiences with every visit.

Only the Best at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse

Not only do we hand-pick every USDA Prime ribeye and New York strip that is Dry-Aged for us, but we visit our beef on a regular basis to log our own temperature and humidity readings to better monitor its flavor development. Our competitors call this obsessive behavior; we call it Monday.

Locally Sourced Restaurant Experience

We’re proud to call ourselves a locally sourced restaurant. We keep a close eye on every single ingredient that finds its way onto our menu and ensures that the source of all our ingredients shares the same passion for sustainability. Here are just a few ways we are upholding this sustainable mindset…

We Care About Our Beef: All of our beef is antibiotic and hormone-free in addition to being naturally and humanely raised.

We Uphold Standards: All of our seafood is sustainably sourced in addition to meeting guidelines set forth by the Marine Stewardship Council.

We Support Community: Our first point of all sourcing is from our wonderful local vendors, growers and artisan producers right here in Utah.

Creating Memories

One plate, one glass, one table at a time. We’re in the business of creating memories that last a lifetime. Dine with us at our location or let us help you cater your next event for an unforgettable experience

Come Dine With Us

Here at Christopher’s, we believe in sustainable sourcing and supporting our community by backing local businesses. It is essential for us to provide ingredients that are fresh, local, sustainable, and most importantly, delectable. Come visit Christopher’s Prime Tavern & Grill today for a first-hand experience of what makes us different.